R.V.M Kai

The "Gooker Kai" Insignia
R.V.M Kai is one of the 12 listeners of Wrestlecrap Radio and was hired by "iggy" to assassinate Premier Blah help contribute to the Glossary, Audio, Video, and Haiku sections (along with adding/updating other little things here and there). After some boredom with having a lack of WCR episodes to listen to in 2011, he also introduced the Clocktrolla feature and came up with some Cartoons for the site. In 2012 he introduced the WCR Polls and WCR Videos. And speaking of videos...his own videos can be found here.

  • He is the head instructor of the Gooker Kai Dojo and possesses a Black (Scorpion) Belt in the art of Kwang Ninjutsu.
  • He is the master of the dreaded "Finger Poke of Doom". A technique that he'll hopefully never use on this website.
  • Was once named "Gooker Kai" but changed it for undisclosed reasons. The meaning of his first three initials; "R.V.M", is unknown to any man currently alive (including himself).
  • He "knows" what "that means" and that "they were sick".

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