Mike Check

Working the El Paso market.
Mike Check is a man of many radio personality aliases, from Pecos Billy in the El Paso market, to Barney Goldstein on a Jewish radio station, to Juan Sanchez on the Don Juan Siesta Drive.

Mike Check was the 8th TNA correspondent for WrestleCrap Radio (from February 20, 2009) which he referred to as WWCR -- The Wacker! He ended his segments with a song dedication, such as Snowbird by Anne Murray. Highlights included going on a 'tour' where he escaped death in increasingly improbable ways.

He tragically 'died' on-air in a fireworks explosion after he lit a cigar...or so he wanted people to think. 

In truth he faked his death to escape the man-tracking menace that is John Thomas, now working with Dead Beat Recovery Services, who was trailing him for his failure to pay child support for the more than 30 children he fathered from his radio tenures. During that time on the run he frequently called in from the "pearly gates", which was in reality a trailer park in Minnesota. He was ultimately found by Sheriff "Dirty" Harry Dickwell and served some time in Folsom Prison, where despite his incarceration he still somehow managed to play songs. One both wonders (and fears) how he managed to bring his record player into prison.

To try and bail him out his 'daughter' attempted to sell bumper stickers and T-shirts with his face on them. Buy one today!

Currently Mike is living somewhere in Folsom under house arrest yet still with his "own show" with his 'daughter' taking care of things as the "whiz kid" that she is. Heresay abounds of her own non disk jockey career that she doesn't want to tell her dear old father about...for some reason. 

  • He had been in numerous radio markets under various names during his career. This was both to get away from his spurned women, and to (fail to) reach a wider audience.
  • Despite his many aliases and work history, he keeps mispronouncing "R.J. and Brad".
  • He has a pretend hatred of female work colleagues to hide the fact that he more often than not quickly seduces them.
  • He was once attacked by turkeys while in a helicopter. He survived. 
  • Rumors abound that he is a secret Time Lord, which explains his advanced age. 
  • Fellers, did I ever tell you about the time...
  • Not sure I understand that particular reference there, Brad.
  • Fascinating.

Mike Check has worked in numerous markets and for various target demographics across America and around the world. Following is only a partial list based on his ramblings and mentionings during his appearances. 


Tuscaloosa -- WEAT "Eat In Tuscaloosa" (#190)
Jammin' Jay Duvall with Pete "PB" Basille on Lunch With PB & Jay

WLIQ "The Big Lick" (#279)
Jammin' Jack Jones with Slick Willy Daniels on The Jack Daniels Overnight Drive

WSUX (#189)
Danny Dryson with Washington Jones on Wash'n'Dry

Prescott -- KPPV "Mix 106" (#139)
Mad Dog Magoo, with The Deputy, The Deputy Dog Show, afternoon drive Car Tunes

Phoenix -- KLPS "LIPS 103" FM (#296)
Duncan Jones, with Sandy Roberts, The Sandy Duncan: Eye In The Sky Weather (or Traffic?) Report

Fayetteville -- KBRS "Bris 96" (#140)
Barney Goldstein with Ezekiel Miller on The Barney Miller Show

Folsom State Prison -- WFOL "The Fol" (#178)
Freddy Lamb Chop with Mindy "Jelly" Roll on Mint Jelly on the Lamb

with Nostradamus Norris

San Bernardino -- KHIP "Hip 106" (#160)
Bob Salad with Soupy Sales on the Soup & Salad Musical Buffet

Venice Beach -- KFIT (#210)
Johnny Bye with Billy Sips on The Bye-Sips Morning Drive

New Haven -- WDOL "Dollar 99" (#180)
with Becky Bounce on Bounce Check Money Matters

Macon -- WPEZ "The Pez" (#136)
Macon Dixon

Macon -- WWGA "George Uh, the Original Georgia Peach" (#147)
Bobby Peach on "Georgia's Finest Country Music"

Chicago (#148)
"Eye in the Sky" Henry Hawkeye/Hummingbird

Moline -- WLAF "The Big Chuckle" (#284)
Ned Nursenky with Dr. Demento on "Heading Home with Dr. and the Nurse"

Indianapolis -- WWCR "The Wacker" (#136)

Santa Claus -- WRUD  "Rudolf 1225 AM" (#264)
Billy "Egg" Nog with Candy Throat

Ocean City -- WBRZ "The Breeze"
Gustav Wynde

Salem -- WTCH "The Witch" (#255)
Johnny Boo with Anne B. Love on Afternoon Delight with Boo B. Love

Minneapolis -- WICY "Icy 103" (#163)
Big Jim Cane with Candy Kisses on The Candy Cane Christmas Carnival
Matthew Mark Luke

New York
Ithaca -- WTKO "The Knockout" (#137, #194, #195, #259)
Bob Ali with Casius Weave on the Bob & Weave Morning Drive

New York City -- with Paul Harvey (#138)

North Carolina
Winston-Salem -- WBOO "Boo 92" (#160)
Wolfman Mike
WMOO "The Moo/Big Cow 1240" (#209)
Pop Stevens with Stan Cherry on the Pop'N'Cherry Teen Dance Hour

Raleigh -- 92.7 WROL "The Roll") (#261)
Big Fred Fingers on "Raleigh Fingers Afternoon Mustache Ride"

Omaha -- KFLU 102 (#200)
John Cillin with Penny Simpson on The Penny Cillin Show

Cincinnati -- WEBN "Spider 103" (#142)
Mr. Belvedere

Philadelphia -- WFIL "The Fill 830" (#201)
Little Mike E with Bob Horn on Horn-E at Midnight

El Paso -- KSII "The Kiss" "Kiss FM" (#136, #137, #138, #139)
Pecos Bill
with Sean Bond & Billy Gunn

Laredo -- KCZO "The Kazoo 92" (#138)
Juan Sanchez with Don West on The Don Juan Fiesta Drive for 2 weeks

Ruben Kincaid

Orem --CUTE 105.3 "The Cute" (#301)
Oscar "The Big O" Johnson with Danny Kate on O-Kaye in the Morning

West Virginia
Huntington -- WDOX "The Boondocks" (#145)
The Mountain Dude Moonshine Drive

Madison -- WDEL "The Dell" (#250)
Billy Limburger with Craig Atlas on Cutting The Cheese

Cheyenne -- KBNG "The Big Kabang" (#149)
as Roman Candle and the Sparklers

KLAM 1260 "The Clam"


Moose Creek -- CFUZ "The Fuzz" (#143)


Kanagawa Prefecture
Johnny Hero with Chin Shima on The Hero Shima Show (#141)


NPOL "North Pole 98" (#257)
as Frosty Largerod

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