David Lee Roth

Oooohhhh Yeeeaaaah!
The famous frontman of Van Halen and successful rocker in his own right, David (or at least a remarkable simulation of him) 'volunteered' himself to be the 7th TNA correspondent on January 23, 2009. Sadly, although the spirit was willing the flesh was weak; he didn't actually watch what he was supposed to be covering (or at least, his soundbites didn't have that much scope covered).

  • Seems to speak only in lyrics from his band's first song Runnin' With The Devil.
  • Does a good Ric Flair impression.
  • Ain't got nobody waiting at home. 
  • All he got, he had to steal.
  • Goddamnit baby you know he ain't lying to ya, he's only gonna tell ya one tiiiiimmmeeeaaahhhyeah.
  • No!

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