"Hollywood" John Tatum

An employee (or possibly a slave) of Angry Jim at his BBQ sauce business. He replaced "Doc" Steve Williams, who end up running away from JR's BBQ during sometime in 2008, when the turkey and ham sales were lower then expected.

No longer works for Angry Jim's BBQ sauce business, for reasons unexplained in episode 32 of The RD and Blade Show, where Jim announced that he had been replaced by former WCW/Mid-Atlantic announcer Bob Caudle.

  • Has never appeared on WCR, but is often mentioned when Angry Jim calls the show (In similar vein to Norm's wife "Vera" from Cheers).
  • His only known recent public appearance was his cameo at the Wrestlecrap Radio Roast.
  • Once wrestled for "Cowboy" Bill Watts at his UWF promotion.
  • Always wears that damn feather boa.