Dixie Carter

The former President of Total Nonstop Action, who first 'appeared' when RD read some congressional hearing testimony of hers. Why 'she' kept getting involved with the show when she is too busy having a company to crash and burn is anyone's guess.

  • The WCR version of Dixie looks anything like the 'real' deal (pun intended).
  • Also sounded like the 'real' deal ...but nothing like the real Dixie Carter (since RD didn't know what her her actual voice sounded like at the time of the character's creation)
  • Had a large interest in toys and collectible items.
  • Wanted people to see The 40 Year Old Virgin for some reason.
  • Her father is Panda Energy CEO "Colonel" Bob Carter
  • Talking to RD & Blade makes her blush.
  • "Sugah".

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