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Troy "Blade Braxton" Ferguson was The Pink Assassin a.k.a. The Midnight Rose on the independent wrestling scene. He also wrote the Jobber of the Week column at

In August 2005, Blade and R.D. Reynolds began a weekly podcast, WrestleCrap Radio.

He co-authored The WrestleCrap Book of Lists (Exclamation Point)!

Blade passed away suddenly on March 28, 2021, ending the show with him. He was only 46 years old.

  • His friend, Don... Don Mason, is an odd fellow.
  • He had an autographed photo of Jameson on his wall, maybe the only autographed photo of Jameson in existence.
  • His "Katie Vick Fan Club" sign was confiscated by WWE security in 2007.
  • As the alter-ego of The Pink Assassin Midnight Rose, he was asked by WWE security to take off the mask at a March 2009 edition of Raw where he was seated front-row center.
  • When he gets quite drunk (which is often) he sometimes calls people 'dawg' like he's Randy Jackson. This often causes RD to "wow" in response.
  • He constantly and consistently had Big Announcements that he failed to follow up on, assuming he even had any. 
  • Time out real quick.

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