The Ratings Reaper

The Ratings Reaper was a semi-spectral being who thrived on attempting to cancel shows with low ratings. He originally appeared only in thunderous evil laughter sound clips through 2008 in response to news about low ratings, and the Co-Hosts promptly forgot about him until they spontaneously remembered him and randomly called him up the next year.

He coincidentally fell victim to cancel culture after Blade's death when an in depth investigation revealed his failure to properly due his job, leading to his future endeavoring during a round of redundancies. Reports of getting a golden broomstick for compensation are highly unsubstantiated.

  • Despite thriving on cancellations, he didn't actually do anything actively. He just waits around for shows to sink and then just gloats about how he had a hand in taking them down somehow. It explains how TNA is still on the air.
  • Got beat up at the Roast by Sir Alec of all people.
  • "Claimed" Caruso Steven Irwin after discovering that he was giving the show low ratings.
  • He always flooded RD's house.

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