You know, like the sandwich
Reuben was Blade's dim-witted ex co-worker (who insisted that his name was "like the sandwich") from his flooring/construction job. He brought a filled trash-bag inside a millionaire's house to clean up some sawdust while the home-owners were inspecting the property. It was a hot day, and not knowing that the bag had been previously used to "trash-bag" in, it ended up stinking out the whole house.

Blade also recounted the time, on Episode 16 of the RD & Blade Show, where Larry (the lead floor installer) played with Reuben's stupidity and sent him to bring him a 'can of dial-tone' after the phone stopped working and a 'board stretcher' because his piece of wood was cut too short.

It's too bad that the poor guy with "a kid and a car payment" eventually got let go.

On Episode #251 of Wrestlecrap Radio, Reuben became a new WCR character, with his own guest "Trip To The Grocery" segment, where he taste-tested Lay's New York Reuben Flavored Potato Chips.

  • "You know, like the sandwich"
  • "But I’ve got a kid & a car payment?!"
  • "But what does that mean?"

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