Johnny 6

Johnny 6 (Trolla-Tron 5200) was created by the Trolla Corporation and sent to WrestleCrap Radio HQ as an Xmas gift to be the progrem's first TNA correspondent. He first appeared on December 21, 2007, after being unwrapped by R.D.

A successor of Johnny 5 of the film Short Circuit, his essential gimmick was making bawdy comments as slowly as possible. He also acted as a robotic maid around R.D.'s household.

He exploded after shaking violently the following April 25th while singing I Feel for You, by Chaka Khan. It is as yet unknown if R.D. has got around to cleaning up the mess left behind by the robot's violent explosion.

  • Didn't like Blade for some reason. Perhaps his Thousand Flushes technique was clashing with Blade's trashbagging mannerisms.
  • Took literally minutes to say simple sentences.
  • Wants you to know that Curry Man is very spicy.
  • After his explosion, there is no one left to clean RD's house anymore. In the words of Dr. D, his place is literally the city dump.
  • Would rather be dead than watching TNA.

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