Don Mason

Don . . . Don Mason is a man, a myth, and a legend.

He was a friend of Blade Braxton. Blade often told stories on WrestleCrap Radio involving Don. The first story involved alien ham, but Don was first mentioned on show #10 on October 28, 2005.

Don's popularity skyrocketed after Blade posted an old home video of him dancing with a skull.

He finally appeared 'live' on #210 of Wrestlecrap Radio's 'reunion' show in 2013 as a third Co-Host. He sounded very excited to be there.
  • Termed by Blade as the Uncharismatic Enigma.
  • Often goes around town wearing a mask.
  • Blade's impression of Don made him sound like Jim Ross' southern cousin.
  • Despite his appearance in the Black Scorpion movie, Blade's frequent stories and his public appearance at the Roast, RD wonders if he even exists.
  • Whenever his name is brought up, RD asks "You're talking about Don (Dramatic Pause) Don Mason?"
  • Did I ever tell you the time when Don - (fill in the blank)

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