John Thomas

"Hello, Mr. or Mrs. Radio, this is John Thomas."
John Thomas was a cold-calling son-of-a-bitch.

Mr. Thomas was a debt collection agent for Chase MasterCharge. He would call in to WrestleCrap Radio to speak to a Mr. Blade Brakestown about his long-overdue debts. His first appearance was on April 1, 2006.

His last place of employment was a dating service, and once had to track down Mike Czech or Mike Chalk (of Chalk Outline) to collect child support payments on behalf of 30 different children from 30 different women in 30 different towns. Goal accomplished, he promptly returned to hunting down the Brakestown.

He was portrayed by the late Harry Simon, a renowned contributor to the WrestleCrap site, who also voiced a few other one off callers to the show.

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