R.D. Reynolds

Real Deal RD (Real Deal) Reynolds is a former professional wrestling manager, co-creator of the WrestleCrap.com, and co-author of three books, WrestleCrap, The Death of WCW, and The Wrestlecrap Book of Lists!

RD's work as an interviewer, commentator, manager, booker, and wrestler in the independent wrestling scene is chronicled in the DVD, The Worst of RD Reynolds.

At the heart of the website are the WrestleCrap Inductions, a series of articles which poke fun at the worst moments in pro-wrestling. In August 2005, RD and Blade Braxton started a weekly podcast, WrestleCrap Radio which lasted on and off until Blade's passing in March 2021.

The following July, it was announced that RD would co-host a video podcast with Vince Russo called The Joker's Mustache about the Batman 60s TV series, starting in August. They also started another show for Patreon supporters called RD vs. Russo.

WrestleCrap(: The Book), co-written with Randy Baer, covers wrestlers and storylines from WWE and WCW, but is not a collection of inductions from the website. The Death of WCW, co-written with Bryan Alvarez, is a heavily-researched book which concludes that WCW could have survived if not for the decision to sell it made by the executives of its parent company, AOL-Time Warner. (It was also republished expanded on its 10th anniversary.) The WrestleCrap Book of Lists!, co-written with Blade Braxton, is a book containing lists of WrestleCrap.

Outside of wrestling RD runs Coasty Marshmallow, specializing in special and/or customized plastic drink coasters. He also helps in running Rupert's Kids Arcade, part of the Rupert's Kids charitable foundation overseen by youth mentor and Survivor fan favorite Rupert Boneham.

  • Began his early career under the ring name Real Deal Jack Diamond.
  • His job is so demanding on his schedule that he frequently travels to Europe and Disneyworld on his company's dime. 
  • Calls people Kid.
  • Speaking of...
  • That's a bargain at half the price.
  • Hey hey, fellow Crappers!
  • Dude.

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