The Midnight Rose

Say midnight to the bad guy.
AKA The Pink Assassin AKA Antonio Rose

He was Blade's alter ego when on the indie circuit, birthed by a flowered wrestling mask he found in the trunk of his car. He is essentially a Tony Montana impersonator... the Tony Montana from the TV version of Scarface.

After Blade's death he was found floating face-down in a fountain next to a statue stating "The World Is Yours".

  • Called the women in his life 'pelicans' and 'pineapples', and says he had to mask his face because he got a scar (get it?) from eating too much of them.
  • Is often seen posing with his assault rifle. Sadly, at no point has he called it his "leetle fwiend" and started asking his enemies to greet it.
  • Did not get along well with other guests of WCR. He calls JR "BBQ Man", ambushed the Ratings Reaper with a pie, and 'killed' Stewart Patrick Stewart at the Roast for mocking him.
  • He was so closely interwoven into Blade's life that the Co-Host often has trouble separating his exploits from his daily life.
  • Mang.

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