Caruso Steven Irwin AKA John Kelly

The Lucky Thirteenth TNA Correspondent, Lieutenant C.S.I. was an Orlando based detective who Blade somehow knew. He first started 'reporting' on June 25, 2010.

Originally having served in the NYPD as Detective John Kelly, Caruso was forced to leave the service after getting involved with a fellow female cop. After a string of various jobs around the world he found himself back in the US in Orlando, where he could somehow afford a job and new identity where he could travel to Topeka on a daily basis to knock on Blade's door and 'deliver' the news. In true cliched fashion, this involved asking for the 'scoop' this week from the Hosts telling him what's going on (so he's not actually doing his job in reporting the news), making a bad pun to expectant Who music, putting on his sunglasses, and then leaving. (I hope he closes the door after him.)

After Blade could not get through his bad jokes anymore he was 'claimed' by the Ratings Reaper on January 14th to solve the progrem's problem of 'bad ratings' due to his segment.

  • Worked with Sheriff Dickwell in finding Mike Check.
  • Once randomly played a game of Family Feud in lieu of actual reporting.
  • Calls RD "Frank" (not Andy?)
  • Despite the long distance between them he always manages to arrive at Blade's house on time somehow.
  • What's the scoop this week, guys?

Having successfully escaped the Reaper,
Irwin now works for the King of Stormwind.
"Looks like they really put the cart...
before the horse."

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