Megatrolla (AKA Trolla-Tron 7800) was created by the Trolla Corporation and sent to WrestleCrap Radio HQ as an Xmas gift to be the 6th TNA correspondent. His first appearance was on December 19, 2008, when he was given the task of murdering the previous TNA correspondent, Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis. Megatrolla's short tenure -- and existence -- ended at the hands of Shane-O-Mac and his theme music just one month later on January 30th.

  • He was the only correspondent to not actually watch TNA, as he kept looking for the Allspark during that time.
  • He could not find said Allspark "because Optimus Prime is a son of a bitch".
  • He was supposedly still 'alive' after his fight, but he has yet to return. He probably died for real after watching a Transformers movie.

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