The Honky Tonk Mailman

He's cool, he's cocky, he's
only working on weekdays.
The Honky Tonk Mailman is who you would expect if an alternate reality Wayne Farris was a postman instead of an Elvis impersonator. One has to wonder though why the man would currently make ends meet as Blade's personal mailman. His first appearance was on January 28, 2011.

  • His news was always out of date, in accordance to the mail always taking so long to arrive, get it??? Which makes no sense - until we find a way to teleport physical items instantaneously from place to place, we'll have to deal with this sort of slowness for the time being.
  • He also had information on various wrestling stamps for your amusement.
  • Drove with Peggy Sue and the Colonel in his Pink Cadillac, which I don't think fits to standard code. Where would he have space for all his letters to deliver?
  • Wass good friends with the Midnight Rose.
  • Once held the title as the longest reigning (and most gracious) TNA Correspondent in WCR History at a record 526 days, when his job was retired on WCR's finale on July 7, 2012.
  • His tenure as TNA Correspondent beat "The Honky Tonk Man's" Intercontinental Title record of 454 days.
  • He's cool, he's cocky, he's bringing you mail.
  • You're a beautiful audience.
  • Thank you very much.

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