Sheriff "Dirty" Harry Dickwell

Supposedly a 'detective' from the Indianapolis Police Department who was hired to hunt down Mike Check for failure to pay his child support payments between May and June of 2010.

He managed to do this despite only searching on the airwaves while confusing the hell out of the two by asking for "John Smith" without explaining who he actually could be (he probably didn't even know who he was), not following up on the dual help of John Thomas (and who can blame him?) and Caruso Steven Irwin (who also helped out on the case), and most importantly not actually saying why he's doing what he's doing until the last minute (like some sort of strange mystery).

Well the truth can be revealed!...Somewhat. There are rumors that the Premier himself hired the Sheriff to actually get to finding Mike Check rather than having him not use protection for all these years and abandoning children he didn't necessarily want. But for what objective he would want him found in the first place is still a mystery. Did he act for himself or for another person with their own agenda...?

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