B.M. Punk

The first impersonation/character to appear on WrestleCrap Radio, his first appearance on WrestleCrap Radio was on August 11, 2006 (their 1st Anniversary).

His initials stand for "Bowel Movement", so it would stand that he literally talked toilet humor during his calls to the show. This has more recently caused R.D. to try and limit his exposure on the show for as little as possible. This is strange and counterproductive, as he was easily one of the few funny people they had.

He was found dead on a toilet seat having overdosed on Metamucil.

  • Is a straight edge shitter.
  • Had a hard challenge on his hands trying to differentiate himself from that 'other' Punk, C.M.
  • Had no answers on how to deal with diarrhea.
  • Despite his condition, always seems to be full of shit.
  • Do you know who this is, RD Reynolds?

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