Read The Other RD's Rants

As RD Reynolds has his own personal hobo with Blade Braxton, Iggy thought it would be a great idea for himself and the Premier to get their own hobo as well for the website. Unfortunately they got...HIM! Raging_Demons. You know the man, having written for NoDQ.com, the Freaking Awesome Network, & Angry Marks...DOT COM! The Premier was initially opposed to the idea of getting the services of someone who's basically pissed off every pro wrestling fan with a YouTube account...for all of five seconds, remembering that he too does that on a similar basis with his writings. Currently, Raging_Demons writes about the wrestling environment as he pleases much like Clarence Mason also does, which the Showstealer doesn't mind so long as the Premier keeps him on payroll.

In 2012, he started his own Podcast called "The RD Experiment"

  • Plans that the Premier secretly wishes to replace the Real Deal RD Reynolds with the RD Raging_Demons have yet to be substantiated.
  • Is the only person permitted on the site to spell it as Demons rather than Daemons.
  • RD thinks he's drunk, unaware that this is just a cover for Demons' real intentions...

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