As RD Reynolds has his own personal hobo with Blade Braxton, Iggy thought it would be a great idea for himself and the Premier to get their own hobo as well for the website. Unfortunately they got...HIM! Raging_Demons. You know the man, having written for NoDQ.com, the Freaking Awesome Network, & Angry Marks...DOT COM! The Premier was initially opposed to the idea of getting the services of someone who's basically pissed off every pro wrestling fan with a YouTube account...for all of five seconds, remembering that he too does that on a similar basis with his writings. Currently, Raging_Demons writes about the wrestling environment as he pleases much like Clarence Mason also does, which the Showstealer doesn't mind so long as the Premier keeps him on payroll.

  • Plans that the Premier secretly wishes to replace the Real Deal RD Reynolds with the RD Raging_Demons have yet to be substantiated.
  • Is the only person permitted on the site to spell it as Demons rather than Daemons.
  • RD thinks he's drunk, unaware that this is just a cover for Demons' real intentions...
  • Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft

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