Filson Wisk

A character, possibly hailing from "Hell's Kitchen" New York, that debuted on Wrestlecrap Radio's 2015 return episode (#250), who called the show looking for a "masked man" called "Mr. X". He quickly hung up the phone when someone called "Fanessa", who he referred to as "Honey", walked in.

It is completely coincidental that he would call in at the same time that Arrow's Stephen Amell would celebrity guest host a WWE PPV, or that he would be representing the opposing DC Comics in this battle. (Marvel wouldn't be involved with TNA because...they're friggin' TNA for crying out loud.)

  • Sounded more like RD than Vincent D'Onofrio. (Dincent V'Onofrio?) 
  • Rumored to be the infamous crime boss "The Pingkin".
  • Had the henchman Bullsear do his dirty work.
  • Rumors also abound that he is hunting Murdock Matt, the deaf Devildare. 

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